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Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine


Accessible limit 10kg. To 1000kg.

As the name suggests silver Refinery Machine refines old silver in any form as ornament,polishing dust ,buffing dust etc giving 99.99% purity.

We RAJESH ENTERPRISES are popular and experienced supplier of SILVER REFINERY MACHINE. We can provide SILVER REFINERY MACHINE with different dimensions as per the requirement of our clients. As they are fully tested by our expert engineers before installation they are safe and give long lasting and hassle free service As all safety measures are kept in mind while producing the machine ,fumes generated are thrown out through condenser and scrubber thus evolving out as non polluted air with no odour. Refining cost is also very less Rs 180 per KG.

This machine is helpful to the maker, adornments shop, and Silver exchanger.

Silver Refinery specification and Benefits:
  • Available Capacity 10 to 1000Kg.
  • No foul smell, 100 % pollution Free
  • Minimum Area required for Installation
  • SS Dissolution Tank for longer Durability
  • No Loss of Metal During Process
  • Single Person Operating System
  • No Bare hand touching or sniffing chemical
  • Safe & Secure
  • With Auto Heating / Cooling Attachment
  • All Motors & Pumps are Imported Quality
  • Scrubber Unit PH7 Approved
  • No Vibration, No Sound
  • Triple Cycling Condenser
  • Best Use for Bullion Market Exchange
  • Full Value of Money Product
  • Refining Cost Approx. Rs.180 Per Kg.
  • Non-corrosion Material
  • High Durability & Lifespan
  • Automatic with Control Panel
  • 99.99 Purity, Result as per Touch Report
  • Chemical Flooring
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine
Silver Refinery Machine

Silver treatment facility for the most part uses to separate unadulterated silver from ORE, Raw silver substance with different metals, typically copper, this machine isolate silver from different metals with at times minor amount of gold as well, this interaction called "Nitric Process" this machine skillful to refine silver in any structure like Dore, Mines, Raw Silver, Silver Bars, old adornments and broadly utilized for silver exchanger.

Silver Refinery Machine
Sailent Features:
  • 100% recuperation, no deficiency of metal in measure.
  • Purity achieve 999.9
  • Semi-automatic.
  • Sound & Vibration proof.
  • Auto acid & chemical transfer.
  • Nitric Process.
  • No smell or fumes, fully safe & secure.
  • Triple cycling condenser.
  • Non polluted & environment friendly.
  • Suitable for Raw old Silver, mines, dorebar, jewellery.
  • Imported Pumps, Motors, IR Boosters & Wilden pumps.
  • Refining Cost approx 200 per Kg. Including all.
  • Auto heating & cooling with freezing system.
  • Base safety Tray.
  • Installation & Training.

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